How to view a tutor's introduction page

Explanation of the tutor introduction screen
① Sudden Lesson

You can take a lesson without making a booking.

② Book Lesson

Book a lesson by specifying the date and time.

③ Tutor's Status Lamp

You can check the tutor's name and login status. Learn more about lamps below

④ Nationality and Ratings

You can check the nationality of the tutor and review ratings from students who have taken lessons with the tutor.

⑤ Add tutor to Favorites

You can add your preferred tutor to favorites.

⑥ Textbook License

Here is a list of textbooks that tutors can teach

⑦ Good Traits

You can check the tutor's good qualities, as recognized by students.

Lamp description

Online tutor

Available for Sudden Lesson

If you want to take a lesson immediately without making a booking, please select a tutor with a light blue lamp.

tutor in lesson

Busy now

If a tutor is currently unavailable, for example, during another lesson, you can secure a spot with a Red Lamp tutor by scheduling in advance. Ensure you make a booking to guarantee your lesson.

tutor offline


Tutor is currently offline.
You can secure a spot with the tutor by scheduling in advance. Make a booking to guarantee your lesson.

  • *If the tutor is currently in the middle of a lesson or not in standby mode, the lesson may not be completed even if it is available immediately. To secure a lesson, we recommend scheduling it in advance with your preferred tutor. Make a booking for a lesson with popular or favorite tutor.

Searching for tutors available for Sudden Lessons

You can filter out tutors with lessons shorter than 5 minutes.


[PC] Tutor List > Select 'Tutors with Lesson Time Less Than 5 Minutes' > Check Toggle 'Do Not Display'

[App] Narrowing Down > Select 'Hide Tutors with Lesson Time Less Than 5 Minutes' > Select ON/OFF

  • *If the tutor's status is set to "Not Specified", the above search method will not be applied.

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