Use coins to book lessons

  • ・Coins are like virtual currency within the platform, allowing you to schedule personalized lessons based on your preferences and the tutor's availability.
  • ・Coins are given as a bonus when you register, so please take advantage of them.
  • ・Booking costs vary depending on each tutor's experience and skills. Please check the tutor's profile page.

How to Add Coins

You can buy coins in bulk!

You can purchase coins by logging in to the PC or smartphone site.
If you make a bulk purchase, you will receive a special service coin according to the purchase amount.

  • *The coin purchase price will be settled by the registered payment method.
Additional Coins Service Coin Amount of Money
500Coins (+0) 50USD
1600Coins (+100) 150USD
2700Coins (+200) 250USD
5500Coins (+500) 500USD

Coin Expiration Date

Coins have an expiry date

  • Purchased Coins

    180 days from date of purchase

  • Service Coin

    60 days after grant

  • ・Purchased coins are coins bought by members themselves.
  • ・Service coins are new registration benefits and coins given when participating in campaigns
  • ・Both purchased coins and service coins have an expiration date.

Regarding the Refund of Coins

Please check the following page for details on the rules for Booked Lessons, such as coin refunds when you cancel a booking.

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