Tutor's Name

Click on the tutor's name to see the tutor introduction screen.

Top of screen

Change View

Environment settings
  • Video Only

  • Video/Message Area
     (Up and Down)

  • Video/Message Area
     (Left and Right)

  • Video/Message Area・
     Textbook (Default)

  • Video/Textbook

  • Textbook/Message Area


Learning Tool Functions

Learning Tools
    • 1Color Palette
    • 2Select
    • 3Pen
    • 4Line Thickness
    • 5Eraser
    • 6Undo
    • 7Redo
    • 8Delete All

Speech Rate During Lesson

It displays the percentage of speech volume of the student and the tutor during the lesson. The speech volume barometer is updated and displayed every two minutes.

Speech Rate During Lesson
  • 1Student Voice Volume
  • 2Tutor Voice Volume

Various Video/Audio Icons

Various Video/Audio Icons
    • 1Tutor Video ON/OFF
    • 2Tutor Voice Volume Adjustment
    • 3ON/OFF of Own Image
    • 4Adjust the Volume of Your Voice
    • 5If there is an issue with the video/audio, click the icon to reconnect.
    • 6Automatically reads words and translates them into Japanese.

The location has a total of

The position the teacher is looking at is displayed.

Click on the teacher's icon to move to the position where the teacher is looking.

If you wish to hide location sharing, please set it from the menu.


⑬⑭⑮About Page Movement

You can turn pages by clicking the 'Previous Page' and 'Next Page' buttons at the bottom left and right sides of the screen.

Navigation Arrows

You can select the page you want to display by clicking the 'SELECT' button.


You can also move between pages using the arrow keys.


Back to previous page

Go to the next page

You can also turn pages with the mouse.
Move the mouse to the left while left-clicking on the textbook to go to the next page,
Move the mouse to the right to go to the previous page.


Click and Hold
Move Left/Right


Go to the next page


Back to previous page

Enter/Send Message

Enter/Send Message
You can send the entered text message to the tutor. Please use it when exchanging texts with the tutor

Click "Type a message..." and enter your text.

After completing the input, click the "Send" button on the right to send the message.

Enter/Send Message

Either Enter or Shift+Enter can be selected for line feed operation.

Menus and Settings


Please use it when you want to leave notes and impressions during the lesson.

Saved memos can be edited from the memo page even after the lesson is over.

Click here for memo page
Translation services are available
4Useful Phrase
We have prepared phrases that you can use during the lesson. Please use it when you want to tell the tutor something or if you have a problem.
5Change background
6Tutor's Time Zone
7Report this Tutor
8Lesson time change
If you feel that the time set at the beginning of the lesson is too short, you can extend the lesson time.
10Textbook Size
You can adjust the display size of the textbook.
11Chat Font Size
You can adjust the font size of the chat.
12Display the location of the instructor
You can set ON/OFF for the function of displaying the instructor's position.

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