How to choose a tutor

1. Rated/Popular tutor

Native Camp provides tutor ranking based on 'Rating,' 'Number of Lessons,' and 'Number of Booking' to assist you in selecting a tutor.
You can also book a lesson directly from the ranking on the tutor page.

2. Tutor with Textbook License

To find a tutor with the textbook license, choose your desired lesson using the tutor search function. You can check the Textbook License status of each tutor from their profile screen.
To find a tutor with a textbook, select the desired lesson from the tutor search function

3. Tutor with Work Experience

At Native Camp, we showcase the professional background of our tutors by 'industry' and 'occupation' categories, enabling you to make informed choices when selecting a tutor.
To find a tutor with specific work experience, simply choose your desired expertise from the tutor search function.

4. Tutor Qualities

You can check the tutor's good qualities, as recognized by students.
Up to three of their best qualities will be displayed.

  • icon_1

    Proficient in grammar

  • icon_2

    Beautiful pronunciation

  • icon_3

    Rich vocabulary

Add to Favorites

If you find a tutor that suits you, you can add them to your favorites.
Click the 'Favorites' button, and your registration is confirmed when the button turns yellow.
You can also view the list of favorite tutors from the menu.

Select the tutor you want to add to your Favorites
Select the tutor you want to add to your Favorites


Show/Hide Specific tutors

You can show/hide from the tutor details page
The hidden tutor will no longer be displayed in the tutor list and tutor search screen, but you can view the lesson history, messages, and chat logs even after hiding.

You can check hidden tutors on the "Favorite/Hide" page.

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