autumn callan campaign
A great campaign is being carried out with the Callan Method!
Callan eBook 7 days free rental

Callan lessons with eligible tutors are half price!
Campaign Period
October 10, 2021 (Sun) 19:00 ~ October 27, 2021 (Wed) 19:00
※Callan lessons that started by 12:30 on Thursday, October 28, 2021 (Japan time) are eligible.
Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate① About suspension of posting of adopted images, etc.

Members who take the Callan Level Check Test (free) for the first time during the campaign period can rent the Callan eBook for free for 7 days.

After receiving the test results, apply for eBook rental. Callan eBook of the judged stage is available for rent.

[Precautionary Items]

※For members who have not taken the Callan Method Level Check Test and who have never taken the Callan Method materials.
※Acts that fall under slander, threats, or harassment of third parties.
※Acts contrary to public order and morals and common sense.

※Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate② If the publication is postponed or canceled, we will not notify you to that effect. Also, please refrain from making inquiries about the reason.

In the unlikely event that a dispute arises with a third party regarding the adopted image, the applicant shall be responsible for resolving the dispute.

We are not responsible for any damage caused to applicants or third parties due to the use of images by our company.

If you have booked a lesson with a regular amount of coins before the start of the campaign period, half the amount of coins will be returned to your member account after taking the lesson. It will take up to 8 days for the refund.

You must agree to the terms in order to enter.
Now is the time to start!

Posting restricted

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post that falls under the prohibited items of Article 2 of the Native Camp Plaza Usage Rules.