Use the coins to reserve a lesson with your preferred tutor in your preferred time

What is a Coin?

Reserve lessons using coins


You can use coins to book a lesson with your preferred tutor. About Coins

  • You can enter Sudden Lesson without any coins.

How to Collect Coins

Get coins!

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How to Use Coins


  • STEP:1

    Click "Find Tutors" -> "Booking / Favorite" -> "Booking / Search".

  • STEP:2

    Search by specifying date, time, and conditions → Select your preferred tutor

  • STEP:3

    Click on the "BOOK LESSON" button on the right side of the screen

  • STEP:4

    Choose your desired time
    ※The green slots are available for reservation

  • STEP:5

    Confirm the booking details (date, time, tutor, textbook)

  • STEP:6

    If you are satisfied with your choices, click the "BOOK LESSON" button to complete your reservation.

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