light plan

This plan allows you to take 8* online English conversation lessons per month.

First-time Native Camp customers will receive 25 worth of reserved lessons for 2* lessons during their7 days free period.

*100If you are taking a co-tutor

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Booked Lessons and Coins

Booked Lesson
  • Using coins, you can reserve a lesson by specifying the desired tutor and date.
  • With the Lite plan, you will receive 800 coins every month so that you can take 8 lessons with a 100 coin instructor.
  • Reservations can be made from 7 days to 5 minutes before the lesson starts.
    There is no limit to the number of lessons you can take per 1 day, so please take the lessons according to your own schedule.
  • Only one reservation can be secured. After the reserved lesson is finished, the next reservation will be available.
  • Coins expire on the next settlement date.
    When the next settlement date arrives, your coins will be reset and you will receive new coins for the current month. Coins cannot be carried over.

Abundant teaching materials including the Callan Method

Booked Lesson

The Callan Method, which trains your English brain at 4x the normal speed, and a wide variety of other materials

ALL-IN-ONE English Learning App

Booked Lesson

The ALL-IN-ONE English learning application allows you to learn a variety of skills including listening, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and reading, all for free. Content utilizing the latest AI technology thoroughly supports English learning.

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