Service name
Native Camp
Business company name
Native Camp Co., Ltd.
Representative name
Ohata Building, 1-9-2 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact Information

Please contact the Native Camp Member Support Center.(24/7)
Native Camp Member Support Center
Selling price
Based on the price displayed on the pricing page
Payment method

Credit card
・Those who have completed the free trial period or applied for a paid plan will automatically continue to be billed for each period according to each plan until they apply for withdrawal.
・If you wish to stop using, please apply for withdrawal by the day before the billing date of the next continuous payment.
Necessary charges other than product price
Internet communication fee
Returns special agreement

We cannot accept refunds or returns for the amount that has already been paid. Thank you for your understanding.
Lesson quality

If the video, audio, etc. are insufficient due to the Internet connection, please inform the tutor of the reason.
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Posting restricted

I'm sorry, but
posting to this bulletin board has been restricted due to a
post that falls under the prohibited items of Article 2 of the Native Camp Plaza Usage Rules.