Family Plan Campaign

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Take lessons with family
Get coins!
Campaign Period
November 08, 2022 (Tue) 19:00 ~ November 29, 2022 (Tue) 19:00
Campaign Details
Event ① Lesson Stamp Rally

Families form a team and hold a stamp rally. Depending on the number of stamps obtained,
We will present coins to all family members by lottery!

※If there is no family plan member, you can participate alone.

How to participate

Take a lesson for at least 20 minutes.


You can earn one stamp per lesson.
If there is a family plan member, all the lessons of the family members will be stamps, and the stamps will be stamped on one stamp rally mount.
Coins will be presented to the whole family by lottery according to the number of stamps acquired!

Family Plan Campaign
0 Individual stamps!
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stamp 60
Present List
Winning number
20 to 29 stamps
0USD worth of coins (150Coins)
50 family
30 to 39 stamps
0USD worth of coins (200Coins)
100 family
40 to 49 stamps
0USD worth of coins (250Coins)
150 family
50 to 59 stamps
0USD worth of coins (300Coins)
200 family
60 stamps
0USD worth of coins (500Coins)
250 family


※Lessons now are available for lessons that are 20 minutes or longer.
※If you win the lottery, the coins will be given to the coin receiving box.
※Only the winners will be notified of the results of the lottery.
※Please note that we do not accept inquiries regarding the lottery.
※The coin gift will be after December 1st.
Event ② Coin gift for family plan registration

After adding a new family to the family plan during the period,
When the added family member takes one lesson,
We will give 0USD worth of coins (500 coins) to the representative and family members!


The representative adds a new family member to the family plan.


After registering, family members should take one lesson.


After taking the lesson, we will give you a gift coin in the coin receiving box within 72 hours.


※Members who have newly registered for the Family Plan are eligible. Please note that existing members who already have an account will not be eligible even if they switch to the family plan.
※There is no limit on the number of family members that the representative can add.
※The timing of giving coins to the representative and family members is different, but it is not a problem.
Now is the time to start!

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