Pre-lesson preparation


  • ・Please prepare a web camera and microphone (earphone with microphone, headset, etc.).
  • ・If you are using a PC with a built-in microphone and speaker, you do not need to prepare them separately.
  • ・It is possible to take a lesson without a camera.

After finishing your preperations, Environment Check Please check if lessons are available at

If the settings do not work, please check the following and contact us.

Compatible browser download

Please prepare a compatible browser

"Google Chrome", "Firefox" or "Microsoft Edge" is required to start a lesson at Native Camp.
If you are using a non-supported browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.), please download "Google Chrome", "Firefox" or "Microsoft Edge".

Those using unsupported browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)


Click here for installation instructions

Lessons that require the purchase of teaching materials

The teaching materials are basically free to use, but the following lessons require separate purchase of teaching materials.
online storePlease purchase from

  • ■ Business callan course
  • └ Callan for Business
  • ■ Karan Kids Course
  • └ Callan for Kids
  • ■ Kids course
  • └ Let's Go Phonics

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