1. Choose a tutor

Choose a tutor

You can take a wide variety of lessons from tutors from more than 130 countries around the world, including native speakers.
You can easily select a tutor by ranking or searching, so please try to find a tutor that suits you.

2. Choose textbook

Choose textbooks

Native Camp offers a wide range of textbooks for anyone who wants to study Japanese, from beginners to advanced learners. Our textbooks range from beginner-level materials for learning basic everyday expressions and grammar, to materials specifically designed for business situations and preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). We have a wealth of resources to meet a variety of learning needs and interests.

3. Pre-lesson Preparation

1, Preparing the camera and microphone
Check camera and microphone
  • ・Please prepare a web camera and microphone (earphone with microphone, headset, etc. )
  • ・If you are using a PC with a built-in microphone and speaker, you do not need to prepare them separately.
  • ・You can take lessons without a camera.

When you are ready, check the lesson environment to see if the lesson is possible.

If the settings do not work, please check the following and contact us.

2, Prepare compatible browsers
Recommended browser

"Google Chrome", "Firefox" or "Microsoft Edge" is required to start a lesson at Native Camp.

If you are using a non-supported browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. ), please download "Google Chrome", "Firefox" or "Microsoft Edge".

4.Take a lesson

Two lesson styles to choose from

  • Sudden Lesson

    Sudden Lesson

    If you choose a waiting "Blue Lamp" tutor, you can enjoy unlimited number of lessons anytime, anywhere.

    ・Sudden Lesson

  • Booked Lesson

    Booked Lesson

    Using coins, you can reserve a lesson by specifying the desired tutor and date.

    ・Booked Lesson

5.Review and self-study

After completing a lesson, you can always view the textbook and feel free to use it for review whenever you need.
You can check it from Top > Learning Management > Textbooks. The textbook with a checkmark is the one you have already taken.

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