Renewal of the Android version of the app

【RENEWAL】直感的な操作を! Android版アプリが大幅リニューアル!

We have significantly updated the design of the app so that a wide range of members can use Native Camp more comfortably on their smartphones.

Please use the newly designed native camp app that is easier to operate intuitively.

Function to match learning needs with teaching materials/tutors

Find the right materials and teachers

It has become easier to choose the teaching materials and instructors that suit you.
By simply following the genre-divided categories, recommended teaching materials will be suggested and you can be matched with the most suitable instructor.

  • レッスンジャンルの表示
  • 教材検索の表示
  • 講師選択の表示

Improved layout design

To a more readable content layout

The layout of the HOME screen has been renewed to make it easier to see the various contents of Native Camp, such as ongoing campaigns, popular instructors, and blogs.

  • キャンペーン・人気講師のランキングの表示
  • おすすめネイティブスピーカー・おすすめ日本人講師の表示
  • おすすめコンテンツ・お得な情報の表示

Instructor screen

Instructor information graphically

Lesson results and corresponding teaching materials in the instructor profile are now displayed in graphs and visuals in an easy-to-understand manner.

In addition, "Favorites" has been added to the bottom menu, allowing you to smoothly conduct lessons with your favorite instructors.

  • お気に入り講師の表示
  • レッスン実績・対応教材の表示
  • お気に入り講師の表示

Learning page

Easy to understand and manage learning status

Monthly lesson status is graphed, making it easier to manage course history and reservations.

You can also select and purchase teaching materials and use self-study content from here.

  • 学習状況・レッスン情報の表示
  • 予約中レッスンの表示
  • 教材一覧の表示


Never miss a message notification

All notifications from the site and messages from the instructor will be notified to the menu inbox.
A notification badge will appear when you receive a new message, so you'll never miss important information or deals.

  • メッセージ情報の表示
  • メッセージ詳細の表示
  • お知らせの表示

Posting restricted

I'm sorry, but
posting to this bulletin board has been restricted due to a
post that falls under the prohibited items of Article 2 of the Native Camp Plaza Usage Rules.