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I am a college student currently attending a university in Tokyo.
(I am in the 5th grade because I am taking a year off from school.)

I am a member of the gymnastic soccer club and have been living a life of playing soccer for 4 years. I have continued to study English mainly through online English conversation which I met through Corona Disaster 3 years ago, and IELTS 7.0 ( R:7.5 L:7.0 W:6.5 S:7.5)
), so if you have any questions in Japanese or find it difficult to give lessons, I can explain in English.

I am looking for a casual way to study Japanese and enjoy conversation.

I am also able to explain in English if it is difficult for me to do so.

Talk about soccer

I am sure I can help you with these and other topics.

I look forward to meeting you all!



体育会サッカー部に所属し、4年間サッカーをする生活を送りながらも、3年前にコロナ禍で出会ったオンライン英会話を中心に英語の勉強を続けて、IELTS7.0( R:7.5 L:7.0 W:6.5 S:7.5)







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