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Hello! My name is Matcha!
Thank you for your interest in Japanese. If you want to learn natural and "usable" everyday conversation that we use all the time in our daily life and business, we are waiting for you! We will help you express everything you want to say in Japanese! Let's start your journey of learning Japanese and getting to know Japan!

What we can offer
Phrases to Get your Ideas Across Directly".
We will share conversational expressions and phrases that Japanese people actually use as much as possible, with an emphasis on "getting the message across" (practicality). I will explain how they are actually used in various situations and contexts.
Explanations in English "Using English".
In order to deepen understanding, explanations will be given in English as necessary. I believe that it is very effective to explain the differences between English and Japanese, as well as expressions and ideas unique to the Japanese language, in a language that can be understood by non-native speakers other than children.
For Clearing Up your Questions
If you have any questions about the meaning of a conversation with a Japanese person, Japanese manga, anime, movies, etc., you are always welcome to ask questions. We will explain the background of Japanese culture and mindset.

*Oknowledge *proviso
As a native Japanese speaker, I use grammar without any awareness of it, so theoretical grammar explanations will be limited. If you value explanations using grammatical terms, we recommend an instructor who is a certified Japanese language teacher.


・伝わる日本語 ”Phrases to Get your Ideas Across Directly”
・英語での解説 ”Using English”
・質問だけでもオッケー ”For Clearing Up your Questions”

※おことわり *proviso


1.geography 2.geopolitics 3.listing to j-pop 4.watching sports

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