We provide training to improve conversational communication skills and vocabulary, such as expressing one's own opinions and improvising conversational sentences.

Teaching material features

Topic Talk material is for those who have mastered basic grammar. We will train you to improve your vocabulary and conversational communication skills, such as expressing your opinion and improvising conversational sentences about a certain topic.

For people like this
  • Those who want to improve their discussion skills
  • Those who want to improve their speaking skills in a specific field or theme
  • Those who want to practice for interviews and speaking preparation for Eiken, IELTS, etc.
What you will learn in this lesson
  • Improving discussion skills

    Improving discussion skills

    By doing various practical exercises based on a consistent theme, you can hone your ability to speak spontaneously and convey your opinions from various perspectives.

  • Vocabulary enhancement

    Vocabulary enhancement

    After learning the words and expressions related to the theme in each lesson, you will be able to improve your vocabulary at the same time by using them in practical exercises.

  • Improving conversational agility

    Improving conversational agility

    Through improvisational role-playing and storytelling, students can cultivate comprehensive explosiveness in a way that is close to practice.

How to take lessons

Of course, you can make a reservation and take lessons right away, so you can take a topic talk anytime you like. In addition, you can narrow down the tutors who can handle this teaching material from the tutor search menu.

Book a lesson/Sudden Lesson

Lesson flow

It's okay to make mistakes, so it's important to tell the tutor what words, sentences, and opinions you come up with!

※The tutor will correct your mistakes, so you can learn the most suitable phrases and expressions depending on the situation.

  • Step.1


    Look at the picture about the topic talk and say the word that comes to mind.

  • Step.2


    Practice making sentences using new words.

  • Step.3

    Role Play

    Depending on the lesson, you may create a story or role-play.

  • Step.4


    Practice expressing your opinion on questions.


Now is the time to start!

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