Teaching material features

In the speaking materials, we will look at the pictures and explain the details and practice answering questions about the pictures.
As you continue, you will develop your ability to describe things in English, and you will be able to convey your thoughts and opinions.

For people like this
  • Those who want to improve their speaking ability
  • Those who want to be able to express their thoughts and opinions in English
  • Those who are preparing for an interview for an English proficiency test, etc.
What you will learn in this lesson
  • Usable in everyday life
    learning English conversation

    Acquisition of English conversation that can be used in everyday life

    The speaking materials are divided into different themes for each lesson, and all of them are used in everyday English conversation.

  • Improve your English

    Improve your English

    While answering the tutor's questions with full sentences, you will acquire proper grammar as well as speaking ability.

  • Ability to express opinions/thoughts

    Ability to express opinions/thoughts

    There are also a number of questions that you can ask for your opinion, so you can hone your skills in communicating your thoughts.

How to take lessons

You can take speaking lessons whenever you want, as you can make reservations and take lessons right now. In addition, you can narrow down the tutors who can handle this teaching material from the tutor search menu.

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Lesson flow

The point is to answer with long sentences and explain the details!

If there is an error or mispronunciation in the sentence you said, the tutor will correct it each time.
It's okay if you make a mistake, so just say whatever comes to your mind!

  • step.1


    The tutor asks about the picture of EXample.

  • step.2

    (Confirmation of sample answers)

    After reading the example answers out loud, check their meaning and grammar.

  • step.3

    (practice questions)

    Based on the example answers, answer the practice questions in full sentences in the same way.

The tutor asks about the picture of EXample.

【Example question】

What is this and what is it for?

(what is this? What is it used for?)

【Answer example】

This is a hard hat. People wear it to keep their heads safe.

Athletes wear one when they play ice hockey or baseball.

And miners and construction workers wear one on the job, too, for safety.

*Some chapters do not follow the flow of the above lesson. note that.

Now is the time to start!

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