Japanese Conversation for Beginners

Teaching material features

The first lesson material is for those who are new to Native Camp lessons and those who are new to Japanese conversation. This material is a collection of phrases that are often used in Native Camp lessons, so it is recommended for those who are taking lessons for the first time, such as the atmosphere of the lesson, how to use the lesson screen, and simple greetings.

For people like this
  • Those who are unfamiliar with online Japanese conversation
  • New to Japanese learning
  • Those who want to practice from self-introduction and greetings
What you will learn in this lesson
  • During the lesson
    Phrases you can use

    Phrases that can be used in lessons

    You can memorize the phrases that the tutor always uses during the lesson.

  • Greetings


    You can learn the basic "greetings" of daily Japanese conversation properly.

  • Self-introduction


    You will be able to introduce yourself (hobbies, where you live, etc. ).

How to take lessons

As well as making reservations, we are available for lessons right away, so you can take your first lesson whenever you like. In addition, you can narrow down the tutors who can handle this teaching material from the tutor search menu.

Selecting a dedicated tutor for the first lesson

Select a beginner course on My Page

Lesson flow

Repeat Step. 1-Step. 2 4 to 5 times in one lesson to master common and simple expressions.
  • Step.1

    (Memorize expressions)

    You will learn basic expressions such as greetings and expressions that are often used during lessons.

  • Step.2


    Practice the expressions you learned in Step. 1 while solving fill-in-the-blank problems.

  • Step.3


    In the last 5 minutes, review and review the expressions you learned in the lesson.

Expressions ( Expression )
  • ① Read the Japanese expression twice with the tutor. Read not only the student's answers, but also the tutor's questions in order.
    First of all, follow the tutor and try to speak in the same way!
  • ② Next, the tutor will read only the questions, so this time we will practice only the answers once in order.
Expressions ( Expression )
Practice ( Training )

While filling in the underlined parts, role-play with the tutor.

Practice ( Training )
Review ( Review )

The last 5 minutes of lesson time is for review.

Review ( Review )

Repeat life! Complete mastery of phrases that can be used in greetings, self-introductions, and lessons by practicing over and over again! !

Now is the time to start!

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