Communicate Your Opinion Correctly in English

Teaching material features

The 5-minute discussion materials are for intermediate and advanced students.
Choose your favorite theme from the prepared themes and have a 5-minute discussion. Rather than just free talk, we will review pronunciation, words, phrases, and grammar after the discussion in order to solidify what we have learned.

For people like this
  • Those who want to improve their discussion skills
  • Those who want to improve their speaking ability
  • Those who want to practice output
What you will learn in this lesson
  • discussion skills

    discussion skills

    You will be able to summarize your own opinions in English and convey them correctly to others.

  • Pronunciation and Grammar

    Pronunciation and Grammar

    The tutor will correct the grammar and pronunciation, so you can acquire correct grammar and pronunciation.

  • lexical power

    lexical power

    The tutor will teach you words and phrases that are suitable for the situation, so you can develop your vocabulary.

How to take lessons

Of course, you can make a reservation and take lessons right away, so you can take the 5-minute discussion materials anytime you like. In addition, you can narrow down the tutors who can handle this teaching material from the tutor search menu.

Book a lesson/Sudden Lesson

Lesson flow

Two sets of 5-minute discussions in a 25-minute lesson
  • step.1


  • step.2

    Review of Discussion 1


  • step.3


  • step.4

    General Review of Discussion


*If there is time left, a third set of discussions may be held.


Basically, members choose their own favorite theme.

The tutor will ask you questions about the topic, so feel free to express your opinion in English.

Practice pronunciation of the words and sentences used in the discussion.
・words and phrases
Review the words and phrases used in the discussion with your tutor.
・grammar correction
Check grammatical mistakes with your tutor and learn the correct ones.
【Tips to make your lessons even better】
  • ① Let's focus on "speaking" without worrying about grammatical mistakes
  • ②Since it is a speaking practice, it does not necessarily have to be true.
  • ③ Don't just answer questions, talk about related matters proactively
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