Updated daily! Learn English with current affairs news! Vocabulary learning, content comprehension, and discussion will be conducted through

Teaching material features

The Daily News material is suitable for intermediate to advanced level learners. New articles are updated every day, so you can work on learning English with fresh content. By learning English through various activities such as word learning, content comprehension, and discussion, and using news familiar to Japanese people, you can expect to improve the learning effect and fix it in your memory.

*The article will be updated at 11:00 am.

For people like this
  • Those who want to improve their vocabulary
  • Those who want to improve reading comprehension
  • Those who want to be able to read English newspapers and news
What you will learn in this lesson
  • vocabulary


    You can learn words that appear frequently in news articles and help build your vocabulary.

  • reading comprehension

    reading comprehension

    In addition to reading the articles aloud, you will understand the content of the articles through various exercises and improve your reading comprehension.

  • discussion skills

    discussion skills

    Practice expressing your opinion on current affairs issues and improve your discussion skills.

How to take lessons

Of course, you can make a reservation and take lessons right away, so you can take the Daily News materials anytime you like. In addition, you can narrow down the tutors who can handle this teaching material from the tutor search menu.

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Lesson flow

  • step.1

    word learning

  • step.2

    comprehension of text

  • step.3


word learning
  • ・Words and Phrases
  • Learn the words and expressions used in the text.
    It picks up the words that appear in the article that are considered to be relatively difficult.
  • ・Comprehension
  • After listening to the audio, solve the problems related to the text
  • > Listening Focus
  • First of all, check with your tutor what parts you should focus on when listening.
  • > Listen to the article
  • Listen to the article.
  • > Answer the Questions
  • Beginner: Choose the answer that matches the question from the options.
  • Advanced Intermediate: Answer the questions.
  • ・Read Out
  • Read news articles aloud.
  • ・Discussion
  • Please answer the questions provided.
  • *It is possible to answer freely or based on the information prepared in the box.

日本人講師によるデイリーニュース日本語解説動画 - 生涯のプロセスであるワークライフバランスの実現

日本人講師によるデイリーニュース日本語解説動画 - イギリスでロックダウンが「ペットブーム」を引き起こす

日本人講師によるデイリーニュース日本語解説動画 -スティーブ・ジョブズが2005年に行った、卒業式スピーチの衝撃

日本人講師によるデイリーニュース日本語解説動画 -私たちが眠っている間、脳はなにをしているのか

日本人講師によるデイリーニュース日本語解説動画 -パンデミックにより、いくつかの物が安くなる

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