What is the VERSANT® Speaking Test?

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VERSANT is a test developed by Pearson to measure practical English skills that can be used in business.
It takes about 20 minutes to measure your speaking ability from 4 points of view: "pronunciation", "fluency", "vocabulary" and "sentence structure". It gives a score for each skill (pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, sentence structure), so it is easy to identify weak points.
VERSANT scores are displayed as an overall score and subscores. All are scored on a scale of 20 to 80 and are also scored on the Pearson-developed Global Scale of English (GSE), a fully CEFR-compliant English language proficiency index.
It is a highly reliable test that is used by major global companies and government agencies around the world, so it is possible to prove your objective English skills right away.

About the content of the test

It is divided into 6 parts in total.
Listen and answer native-speaker questions at natural speed. English communication ability is diagnosed by measuring both listening ability and speaking ability.
  • A reading aloud
    【8 questions】
  • B repeat
    【16 questions】
  • C question
    【24 questions】
  • D sentence construction
    【10 questions】
  • E story summary
    【3 questions】
  • F free answer
    【2 questions】

How to take the exam

  • ① Things to prepare
    • smartphone


    • TIN

      (examination number)

    • versant app icon

      App for VERSANT

    ※TIN : Test Identification Number

  • ② Notes
    • ・The exam takes about 20 minutes (about 30 minutes including preparation and confirmation).
    • ・All tests are given in English.
    • ・Noise will result in disqualification.
    • ・No notes are allowed during the test.
    • ・Please answer in a natural voice.
    • ・Devices cannot be changed during the exam.
    • ・Please answer as much as possible, even if you do not understand what is being said. If you cannot answer, please answer “I don’t know.”
    • ・If you suspend your app for more than 45 seconds, your test will be disabled. (not scored)
    • ・If you delete and reinstall the app, your past exam history will be deleted.
  • ③ Test flow

    TIN (examinee number) input
    Environmental check
    test data download

    airplane mode on

    airplane mode:ON

    Test Part A - Part F

    airplane mode to avoid receiving calls, emails, and notifications.>

    airplane mode off

    airplane mode:OFF

    Response data upload
    Grading score confirmation

  • ④ Confirmation of results

    From the top page of the app

    of the applicable test history
    Tap SCORE

    Score report

    You can check the test results from the official website.
    Official site

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