Sudden Lesson

After choosing a tutor, you can start a lesson with one tap!

If you choose a "Blue Lamp" tutor who is waiting for you, you can have a lesson at any time and as many times as you like.
No booking is required, and you can use it in as little as 5 or 10 minutes

  • 24 hours


  • No Reservation

    No Reservation

  • Hourglass

    Short Time (5 mins)

  • One lesson is in units of 25 minutes, but you can leave the room in the middle of the lesson
  • Bookings are recommended for busy times and lessons with popular tutors
  • Bookings are required for some tutors and materials

Time change during the lesson

You can change the lesson time even during the lesson.
For example, if the time specified at the beginning of the lesson is 5 minutes and you wish to extend the lesson, you can adjust the time in 5-minute increments, as long as the total lesson time does not exceed 25 minutes.

3. Lesson Completed
  • If the tutor has a Booked Lesson, meal break, or leaving work in the following time slot, it is not possible to extend beyond that time slot.
  • You can change the lesson time at any time, but for system reasons, you cannot change the lesson time from one minute before the end of the lesson.

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