Re-enrollment Campaign

For those who are considering re-enrolling
Now you can get up to 1,000 coins as a gift!

How have you been learning Japanese since then?
We are pleased to announce a very special re-enrollment campaign for all former Native Camp members.

Campaign Details

If you re-enroll, you will receive 500 coins as a gift.
If you take 5 lessons after re-enrollment, you will receive an additional 500 coins.
You will receive 1,000 coins (equivalent to 2,000 yen) in total.

special edition①


special edition②

You can use your old email address and password.
When you re-enroll, you will be able to take over your user information, coins, lesson history, chat history, vocabulary book, favorites, and other data from when you left (or took a leave of absence), so you can take lessons smoothly.

  • This campaign can only be used once per person.

How to re-enroll

① Log in to Native Camp

Please enter the email address and password of your old account.


② Re-enrollment Procedure

You must agree to the terms in order to enter.


③ Re-enrollment Complete

You can resume lessons with your old account information.

  • After the re-enrollment procedure, the monthly payment date will start from the re-enrollment date.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Native Camp Member Support Center.
  • Native Camp Customer Support Center

How to receive your reward coins

special edition① 500 coins for each completed re-enrollment

After completing the re-enrollment procedure, the coin will be automatically added to the coin receiving box.

special edition② 500 coins for 5 reserved lessons

After re-enrolling, the coin will be automatically added to the coin receiving box after taking the reserved lesson 5 times.

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